Should Designers Code?

Several times I’ve asked myself about the importance of knowing how to build and code my designs. Is that necessary? Even more, is that good for the final website?

Well those are difficult questions to answer, I’ve been reading and studying different opinions. Basically we have two opposite points of view.

–           Coding is the jail of creativity.

–           Coding is the key for a perfect web design.

Very opposite aren’t they? Ok Let’s explain both theories:

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How to make a perfect responsive website?

How to Make a Perfect Responsive Website?

Nowadays, when we talk about web design we assume that we are thinking about mobile and desktop design. Developing different interfaces with css and mediaqueries becomes all a challenge not only for designers but also for programmers.

Although one may think the best way to get started is by developing the desktop design and then moving on to mobile resolutions, the process should be inverse, we need to deliver a solid user experience to a growing number of devices, in addition, it is easier to start with a smaller mobile screen and then scale to a desktop.

So, if you’re developing either a mobile or desktop design, there are a number of things you should consider.

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