our team

Our team has a wide range of expertise offering hands-on development and design of objects, spaces, software, multimedia projects and printed matters.

We work with likeminded clients ranging from cultural institutions to corporate organizations, both local and global. We think of our clients as partners and embrace their diversity.
How we work
  • Participative leadership

    Using a democratic leadership style that involves and engages team members.

    Effective decision-making

    Using a blend of rational and intuitive decision making methods, depending on that nature of the decision task.

    Open and clear communication

    Ensuring that the team mutually constructs shared meaning, using effective communication methods and channels.

    Valued diversity

    Valuing a diversity of experience and background in team, contributing to a diversity of viewpoints, leading to better decision making and solutions.

    Mutual trust

    Trusting in other team members and trusting in the team as an entity.

  • Managing conflict

    Dealing with conflict openly and transparently and not allowing grudges to build up and destroy team morale.

    Clear goals

    Goals that are developed using SMART criteria; also each goal must have personal meaning and resonance for each team member, building commitment and engagement.

    Defined roles and responsibilities

    Each team member understands what they must do (and what they must not do) to demonstrate their commitment to the team and to support team success.

    Coordinative relationship

    The bonds between the team members allow them to seamlessly coordinate their work to achieve both efficiency and effectiveness.

    Positive atmosphere

    An overall team culture that is open, transparent, positive, future-focused and able to deliver success.