Custom Post Types Filters

Quick Guide to WordPress Custom Post Types Management and Filter Programming

This document explains how to create, manage and filter by the most common attribute types (taxonomies) any custom created post type for Wordpress . You will need a little PHP programming knowledge to create some specific templates with some custom filters and loops.

After searching and trying several custom post types plug-ins, the best I can recommend, by far, is the Custom Content Type Manager (CCTM) available for free:

In this post I will show the basic usage of this plug-in and then how to create some templates with custom and complex filters for custom post listing and loops using PHP and WordPress functions. Continue Reading

bbpress standalone to bbpress wordpress plugin migration

bbPress Standalone to WordPress Migration

bbPress is  a forum software which,  in the older versions worked as a “standalone” forum and in some ways it had some degree of integration with WordPress forums, but not fully integrated. The latest versions of this software work as a WordPress plugin, having all functionality inside WordPress database and structure.

This is not one of my favorite forum software, and not one of my choice (mainly because there are a lot of functionality like emoticons, private messages, and other common forum tools that are not included, and for which we will need to download extra plugins to use those) but sometimes we need to take an existing bbPress forum and update it to the latest version of WordPress.

There are a few problems that show up when trying to migrate the forum data from an older version of bbPress (standalone versions) lower than the bbPress 1.2 version, in which case a few steps must be done for updating it, because an upgrade to the 1.2 version must be done manually.

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